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Memory Of The Year 4 (Full Album)

Senin, 14 September 2015 | 15.44

Memory Of The Year 4

Tracklist  :

01.Thom Pace - Maybe  (Theme from Grizzly Adams)
02.Storm Never Last - Dr Hook
03.And I love you - Harmony
04.I'm Coming Home - Birtles & Goble
05.If You Need Me Now - Alan Sorrenti
06.My Broken Souvenir - Pussycat
07.Leonie - Arjan Brass
08.Mother How Are You Today - Maywood
09.One Day At A Time - Lena Martell
10.Rest You're Love On Me - Bee Gees
11.Child - Freddie Aguilar
12.Song For You - Chicago
13.Reason - Champagne
14.Good Night My Love - Mike Pinera
15.Mama Do You Remember - Joe Yamakana
16.Oh Girl - Leo Sayer
17.28 Al'Ombre - J. Francois Maurice

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Memory Of The Year 4 (Full Album)
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