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Memory Of The Year 2 (Full Album)

Senin, 14 September 2015 | 17.11

 Memory Of The Year 2

Tracklist  :

01.Somewhere Between - The Tumbleweeds
02.Don't Tell Me Stories - Saskia & Serge
03.You're Myworld - Guys n'Dolls
04.Don't Cry Joni - Conway Tweety
05.You Are Mylove - Oscar & Ivy
06.Sausalito - Rosy & Andress
07.Euson - Julie
08.Baby Blue - Oscar Harris
09.Yes You Do - Maureen Kelly
10.Oscar Harris - Since I Met You Baby
11.Mississippi - Pussy Cat
12.My Reason - Demis Roussos
13.Before The Next Teardrops Fall - Freddy Fender
14.Unchained Melody - Road
15.I Remember Elvis Presley - Danny Mirror
16.Darling I Love You - The Classic Illustration
17.Children - Barry & Eileen

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Memory Of The Year 2 (Full Album)
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