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Memory Of The Year 1 (Full Album)

Senin, 14 September 2015 | 15.19

Memory Of The Year 1

Tracklist  :

01.Father - Peter Sue & Marc
02.House For Sale - Lucifer
03.I Don't Like To Sleep Alone - Paul Anka
04.When You're Gone - Mouth Mc Neal
05.I'm Gonna Loose You - The Classic Illustration
06.What Can I Do - Smokie Robinson
07.I'm Alone - Getty & Teach In
08.Sing My Love Song - Jackpot
09.Kiss And Say Goodbye - Manhattans Transfers
10.Sweet Was My Rose - Velvet Glove
11.I've Been Away Too Long - George Baker Selection
12.When I Need You - Leo Sayer
13.Dream Of Me - Mac & Kattie Kissoon
14.Inside Of My Guitar - Bellamy Brothers
15.Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens
16.Love - Lyn Paul

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Memory Of The Year 1 (Full Album)
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