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The Classics – I'm Gonna Lose You

Sabtu, 22 November 2014 | 13.37

The Classics – I'm Gonna Lose You

Artist          : The Classics
Tittle Lyrics : I'm Gonna Lose You

The sweetest dream
I dream with you
You’re my sunshine when
Troubles make me blue

I’am so alone know that you go
I didn’t mean to hurt you
Come back where you belong

Yes I know
I know I’m
Gonna loose you
But my shoes keep
Running back to you

Cause they know
there never be another
There will never be
Another you

Still I go
that same on Play
and Where we walk together
and kiss the night away

Only a fool good let you go
My world is so empty
Come back I miss you so..

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The Classics – I'm Gonna Lose You
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