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Love - Lyn Paul

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2014 | 20.23

 Love - Lyn Paul

Artist         :  Lyn Paul

Title Lyrics : Love

Sometimes I want you as a dream you dream
I like to kiss your sleepy face
I lie there and pray
You'll never ever go away
No one could take your place..

And in the morning when you smile "Hello"
I feel the sunshine in my heart
My love isn't blind
I'll never ever change my mind
I'd die if should leave..

Ooh love you are everything
You're the song I sing your music is forever
Love I had never heard such your lovely word
A word that means together
Love I will give to you and I will be true
Until my life is over

You can't make my world go round
And I'll never let you down my only love..

The day I look at you my life begun
You gave me reason to be here
My heart seems to know
You never ever let me go
I always have you made..


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Love - Lyn Paul
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