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Art Company - Sussana

Minggu, 19 Oktober 2014 | 13.50

 Art Company - Sussana

Artist         : Art Company
Title Lyrics : Sussana

We sit together on the sofa
With the music way down low
waited so long for this moment
It's hard to think it's really so
The door is locked there's no one home
They've all gone out we're all alone

Su-sanna Su-sanna
Su-sanna I'm crazy loving you

I put my arm aroud her shoulder
Run my fingers through her hair
It's a dream I can't believe it
It took so long it's only fair

And then the phone begins to ring
And a strangers voice on the other end of the line
Says oh wrong number sorry to waste your time
And i think to myself
Why now
Why me

Su-sanna su-sanna
Su-sanna I'm crazy loving you sponsored links

Su-sanna Su-sanna
Su-sanna I'm crazy loving you
Again I sit myself beside her
Try to take her hand in mine
The moment's gone the feeling's over
She looks around to find the time
Then she says could we just sit and chat
And I think well that's that

Susanna Susannna
Susanna I'm crazy loving you
Still we sit here on the sofa
With the stereo on ten
The magic's gone it's a disaster
There seems no point to start again
She says I think I'd better go
She says goodbye and I say... NO!
Su-sanna Su-sanna
Su-sanna I'm crazy loving you
Su-sanna Su-sanna
Su-sanna I'm crazy loving you
I'm so crazy loving you

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Art Company - Sussana
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